Above the Fold

Extra, Extra, Read all about it

I am old enough to remember newspapers on my doorstep with flashy headlines on the upward facing part of the newspaper referred to as “above the fold”.

The digital world has an “above the fold” too.

As of the writing of the post, the Coronavirus is the breaking news.

Google Search – When you do a Google search, there are websites that have paid extra to be “above the fold”. Always be sure to hover over the URL (the https:….) and see where the link is actually taking you. Scammers know everyone will be rushing to “search” for the latest news, and they want be the top choice. Be alert.

Email – Emails can be spoofed to look like they are coming from an official agency. When you get an email you did not request, treat it as already infected. Hover your mouse over the sender’s name and see if it matches the sender. Do a search for the company or agency and see what their web address is.

Facebook – Facebook’s “above the fold” is a little like supermarket tabloids. These can be in the form of Quizzes, Games, Share This, Fake News and other related Scams. When something pops up on your Newsfeed, STOP and check it out first. If it is breaking news, lost child, or some tragic headline that just captivates you; do a quick search. Look below the fold for multiple, authentic, and reliable news. Notice the date the article was shared. Often fake news is old news, just recirculated.

So what’s the harm? Visiting a fraudulent website could con you into entering your personal information. Opening a spoofed email could have you unsuspectingly downloading a virus. Playing a game or answering a quiz on Facebook could have you sharing private information about yourself. With enough private information, a thief could gain access to your banking and credit information.

So, slow down, read, review, wash your hands and stop touching your face.

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